The DavidDimpson Indicator and success in the Digital Age

Why is it that some companies run into so much more difficulties on their digital journey than others? While everyone is looking for the same ‘holy grail’ of a ‘cheaper, better and faster’ company. What are the underlying causes? Are there patterns to be recognized, perhaps certain characteristics that indicate future success or failure in the digital age?

By sharing a number of personal observations, opinions and experiences DavidDimpson hopes to contribute to gaining a better understanding of the scale and complexity of the digital transformation of our society as a whole and companies and institutions in particular.

And included for your consideration and follow-up 5 take-aways!

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DavidDimpson Indicator

Why is it that some companies run into so much more difficulties on their digital journey than others? And that while everyone is looking for the same ‘holy grail’ of a ‘cheaper, better and faster’ company.

DavidDimpson has searched for patterns, for best practices, for common characteristics which may be indicative of future success or failure. The reflection of this search is at the heart of the DavidDimpson Indicator.

DavidDimpson has compiled a questionnaire (about 20 questions, classified to 5 dimensions), the result is an adequate picture of the digital state-of-affairs of an organisation. And the basis for the assessment of current and planned digital initiatives of that organization.

In the next 6-8 weeks we will process the response received from our relations, partners and other interested parties and make the results available to everyone.

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Type2 companies and crossing the digital barrier

COVID-19 has had an no unsparing effect on our society and the behaviour and preferences of customers, partners and individuals have changed structurally overnight. The arrival of converging technologies has accelerated by 2-3 years due to the pandemic. A new business landscape is emerging in which reality and virtuality will go hand-in-hand..

A ‘modern’ Type2 organisation can deliver new business propositions much easier and faster, without anchoring, at substantially lower cost with a sublime customer experience.

With smart, targeted experiments ‘crossing the digital barrier’ is not an obstacle, but an integral part of a beckoning perspective. 

So no longer hesitate, get started!

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The selection of members for the DavidDimpson ValueEcoSystem, renowned parties in their own field of expertise, is key to all involved participants. To support that process and to engage with member candidates DavidDimpson has developed Embedded, an integral part of the onboarding proces of DavidDimpson. 

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CommonPurpose and EcoCulture

EcoCulture is an integral part of a ValueEcoSystem and directly related to and in support of the CommonPurpose of DavidDimpson. Further elaboration and explanation in the White Paper. 

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The Future of Consulting… An Oxymoron?

DavidDimpson is a modern ’professional service firm’ that helps organisations (Type1) to introduce new Type2 companies – after a Reset – that can compete with new, agile players that are fully digitalized from initial conception, that are able to scale with substantial lower costs and deliver a superior client experience. 

To live up to this challenge – to design, build, finance and run Type2 companies – existing, well respected parties in their own field of expertise in consulting, corporate finance, digital agents, financing, MSP’s and system integrators must come together under the leadership and guidance of DavidDimpson to deliver on this phenomenal promise. How to organise this and the potential impact on all parties involved is more detailled in the publication “The Future of Consulting… An Oxymoron?”. 

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