For the specific purpose to create Type2 companies consultants and professionals need to come together in an ecosystem to establish a modern professional services firm.

Members are at the core of the ValueEcoSystem DavidDimpson. They are renowed parties in their own field of expertise  and are recruited from consultants, corporate finance, financing, digital agents, MSP’s and system integrators. Their participation in the ValueEcoSystem DavidDimpson is goal specific – to create Type2 companies – and runs in parallel with their existing core business.

Introducing own tools and experiences of the members must be coupled with collaboration skills that fit perfectly with the DavidDimpson EcoCulture – the glue that brings it all together – and is based upon the principles of twin citizenship, subsidiarity and Chinese contracts.

To familiarize all parties involved with the idea of Type2 companies and the realisation through a ValueEcoSystem we have developed a workshop style service ‘Future of Consulting’ and a process ‘Embedded’.


Future of Consulting