Type2 companies – cheaper, better, faster


Cheaper, better, faster

How to create a Type2 company in 6-9 months? The accelerated arrival and application of converging technologies casts already its shadow forward. This pan-COVID circumstance, increasingly necessitate an organizational reset with the introduction of a Type2 company.

A Type2 company has a predetermined, finite economic life (5-7 years), has an OPEX only, cloud-based operation and has implemented state-of-the-art technology in all its business processes in 1 go. They are therefore radically digitized, simpler and faster, without anchoring and can scale up at substantially lower cost with a sublime customer experience.

Using the 3 Stage model we collaboratively push the boundaries and provide the attendees with tools and thoughts to perform the activities.



  • Masterclass-style intervention;

  • Online-only, 4 hour engagement, 8-12 participants;

  • 3 stages;

  • 4 sections (Societal, Reset, Type2, Endeavour);

  • Knowledge capture of the shared information;

  • White papers Crossing the Digital Barrier and Future of Consulting.

Masterclass Type2 companies – cheaper, better, faster