We have been working on a new initiative called DavidDimpson, that works to help organisations with their Business Transformation and IT Transition. In short summary the idea is: 

  • the creation of a ValueEcoSystem with a business architecture including  an orchestrator, multiple members, an academy and the client; 
  • the introduction of a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) that is responsible for Design, Build, Finance and Run the new (IT) Operation for that client for a specific time-period; 
  • encompasses a predominantly Cloud-based solution; 
  • a Technology jump in all major business areas;
  • a business model that brings alignment between the future value creation in the SPV and all the members involved; 
  • and an ‘OPEX only’ obligation for the client. 

DavidDimpson is a modern ’professional service firm’ that helps organisations (Type1) to introduce new Type2 companies – after a Reset – that can compete with new, agile players that are fully digitalized from initial conception, that are able to scale with substantial lower costs and deliver a superior client experience.

To live up to this challenge – to design, build, finance and run Type2 companies – existing, well respected parties in their own field of expertise in consulting, corporate finance, digital agents, financing, MSP’s and system integrators must come together under the leadership and guidance of DavidDimpson to deliver on this phenomenal promise. How to organise this and the potential impact on all parties involved is more detailled in the publication “The Future of Consuling… An Oxymoron?”.

Ger A. Damen, Co-founder

Ronald S. Scherpenisse, Co-founder


What We Do

DavidDimpson is a ValueEcoSystem that creates Type2 companies for Midmarket clients to define, build, finance and run (DBFR) the Digital Transformation and the IT Transition of that client. 



The ValueEcoSystem is an assembly of leading member organisations, supported by the DavidDimpson Academy and led by the Founders of DavidDimpson. The members are originated from Consulting, Corporate Finance, Digital Agents, Financing, MSP’s and System Integrators. Through the introduction of emerging, new technologies, operationalised in an agile, responsive environment Type2 companies are extremely ‘fit for purpose’, leading to an unheard and unseen performance. 



The value creation over the entire lifecycle of the Type2 company is attributed to all the members of the ValueEcoSystem through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and in an ‘OPEX only’ fashion reimbursed by the client.